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Thanks for visiting Raising Healthy Dogs.  We are not vets, nor are we vet techs.  We are dog moms devoted to the many dogs we have raised over the past thirty plus years.

Our goal is to provide analysis on the most common, vexing and heart breaking issues we all face when raising our dogs.

We hope to be your best source for everything you need to know about having a healthy dog.  But a healthy dog is not one that is just physically fit.  A healthy dog is one that is balanced in body, mind and spirit.  So we will also be exploring training issues as well as playtime activities.

All health related and dog breed articles are written by a veterinarian. All training articles are written or reviewed by experienced trainers. Recipes are healthy and well tested by a variety of dogs. Just for fun is written by me and the staff and friends of Raising Healthy Dogs.

This site is a labor of love.  We do not make any money, we just love dogs and want to see you have fun with your pups and raise happy healthy dogs.

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Frances O’Brien