Bo Obama: A Look at Bo and Other First Dogs

Regardless of your political views, all dog lovers can find common ground as we near inauguration day. We can rejoice that we will have four more years of Bo! Bo Obama is, of course, the First Dog.

The Obama family’s Portuguese Water Dog, was a promise fulfilled for first daughters, Sasha and Malia. They were promised they could get a dog, following the 2008 election. There was much speculation that the Obama family would adopt a shelter dog, but that was not to be.

In the end, this hypoallergenic breed was chosen because of Malia’s allergies. While Bo was not a shelter dog, he could be considered a rescue dog because his original owners returned him to the breeder after their other dog did not adjust to having Bo join the family. Bo’s second chance established his position as First Dog. That’s some rags to riches story—from rejected to top dog!

Since his arrival at the White House, Bo has become the subject of children’s books and has been immortalized in plush toys, key chains and Christmas ornaments. But Bo is not the first First Pooch to attain notoriety. Bo joins a long line of Presidential pets.

George Washington owned a whopping thirty-six dogs! The Father of our country was not alone is his love of animals. While they were not all dog owners, forty-one of our forty-four U.S. Presidents owned animals while in office. White House pets have ranged from mundane, white mice to bear cubs, which were a gift to Thomas Jefferson from Lewis and Clark! First Dogs have ranged in size from lap dogs to Mastiffs and Newfoundlands.

If you’re interested in taking a road trip to learn more about Presidential pets, there’s even a Presidential Pet Museum in Glen Allen, Virginia. Yes, there is a photo gallery of Bo Obama. Make us proud, Bo. Make us proud.


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