Choosing an Activity to do With Your Dog

Do you have a dog that you would like to do more with? Maybe your dog is perfectly trained and has no behavior problems at all but you think he may be bored and you would like to help him to occupy his mind?

The happiest dogs are ones that, alongside physical exercise, also have the opportunity to use their mental potential. A bored dog will feel less satisfied and fulfilled just as an unoccupied human can. This need for mental stimulation is even more important with breeds that were originally working dogs. This need includes Border collies, terriers, spaniels and so many other types of dog.

So here are some ideas to stimulate your canine friend which will build the rapport between you and simultaneously use up any excess mental energy that he may have lurking around waiting to get him into trouble.

Clicker training is a wonderful activity and is literally perfect for dogs of all ages and physical ability. Dogs that are physically injured or in rehabilitation can be entertained with a clicker and associated game, it’s simply a case of teaching something that doesn’t require too much physical movement. There is a lot of information on Clicker training from any positive dog training source including this website.

Agility is a great hobby for an active dog and owner. Most areas have an agility club and trainer which offer classes for learning the skills or personal one to one training. The main requirement for agility training is that your dog has healthy joints and can concentrate around other dogs. This activity is a fantastic canine confidence builder.

Flyball is another highly energetic activity. It is also nicely addictive for both you and your dog and opens up a whole new social scene. The training and competing is based around a fast-paced relay race between two teams of keen dogs cheered on by their excited owners.

Finally, for the owner and canine with rhythm, there is heelwork to music which has become increasingly popular over the last few years. You learn to teach your dog twists and turns, to weave through your legs and many other impressive acts in order to put together a routine where you actively dance with your dog. This is great fun and a lovely party trick.

These are just a handful of options but will give you some ideas. All of them are great for both you and your pet mentally, physically and socially. So why not find a class and get out there to have some fun?


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