Clicker Training For Dogs Makes Sense

Clicker training is growing in popularity as the preferred method of training of dogs no matter the age or the breed.
It is easy to do, often without the expense of a professional trainer. But what is Clicker training? Clicker training is a way to train your dog using positive reinforcement. Clicker training has grown in popularity because it is an effective and very simple way to train your dog.

The clicker itself is a device that can be purchased at any pet supply store in your area and is also available online. The clicker is usually made of plastic that has a metal strip inside of it. When the button is pressed it makes a sharp clicking sound. What’s great about the clicker is that it is consistent. When I say “sit” it can sound harsh, SIT, or weak “sit”, or indecisive “please sit?”.  The clicker is consistent.  A click is just a click.  Your pups will come to love the sound of the click.  Clicking a behavior means they “did good”.

When beginning clicker training you will want to make sure that you and your dog are in a quiet area that is free of distractions. All you need is your clicker, your dog and a handful of your fur baby’s favorite treats.

The first step in clicker training is commonly known as “loading” the clicker. Press the clicker and then immediately give your dog a treat. What this does is makes your dog associate the sound of the clicker with a treat. You will want to do this at least ten times. You can test your dog after the tenth time by pressing the clicker when he is not paying attention to you. If he looks to you for a treat then he is ready for the next phase of training. This conditioning step is most effective when performed while your dog is hungry.

The second phase if training is speaking simple commands. The easiest command to start with is the “sit” command. The way that you will execute this stage of training is by giving your dog the command and as soon as he performs the command press the clicker and give the treat. Do not forget to praise your beloved pet with plenty of praise for a job well done.

The end result is having a well trained and well behaved dog that will behave with minimal instruction. Be consistent in the training and enforcement of the positive behavior.

This training may take a little time but it is by far the most accurate and mutually rewarding training for many dog owners everywhere.


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