Do Dogs Dream?

Most dog owners have witnessed their furry friend seemingly being sound asleep and then all of a sudden their whole body starts to twitch or their feet move as if they are running. Some dogs even growl or bark in their sleep. It seems obvious that your pet is having a dream. But in reality, do dogs dream?

Dreams are a way for the brain to process things that are experienced while we are awake. Since dogs do have a thought process where they have to figure out things just like we do, then most scientists and veterinarians believe that dogs must be capable of dreaming.

Dreams happen to humans when we go into what is called REM sleep. It also causes our eyelids to twice just like our dog’s body’s do. Since it has been proven that dogs do experience REM sleep, then it is apparent that they do their dreaming in it just like people do. Studies have shown that a dog in REM sleep has brain waves similar to that which has been observed in humans that are dreaming, which is another bit of proof that dogs to indeed have dreams.

If you watch your faithful pet, then you will be able to tell when he is entering into a doggie dream. When he goes into a deep sleep and his eyelids start to twitch and move, then you know that he is entering into a dream about whatever our furry friends dream of. Perhaps he really is chasing that ball or rabbit. Or maybe he is playing a game with you in his dreams, or even chasing a bad guy. We can’t really know exactly what our pets are dreaming, but they are indeed dreaming.

There has been several scientific studies done that prove that dogs do experience the same sensations and movements as dreaming humans right down to similar brainwaves, so it is a scientific fact that dogs dream. While we can’t exactly wake them up and ask them what they are dreaming, we can be there for them in case they wake up and are in need of cuddling or consoling. Just don’t suddenly wake up a dreaming dog, as he may be startled and bite you if he was dreaming and didn’t know what was going on.

So the next time you see your faithful furry friend with his eyes closed and his feet are twitching and he is giving a little woof of growl, then you can smile to yourself and wonder, exactly what do our dogs dream of?


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