Do Dogs Look Like Their Owners? Why This Idea Might Not be So Far-Fetched

Sally Gutteridge is back. Sally is a professional dog trainer with much experience and extensive knowledge in our canine friends.  But today, we hear from her dog Chips.

First of all, let me introduce myself,  I’m Chips and I am a dog. I am a dog that was taken home by my humans two years and fifty-three days ago. Before that I was in a prison, and before the prison I had some other peoples. Those other peoples left me though. But I’m not bitter, for without them leaving me I wouldn’t be where I am now.

But my people are a bit odd. For instance, they have a box in the corner of the room which they keep other peoples in. So many that I have no idea where they all go to. I sometimes think that the peoples are going to pop out of the box and take over our home. So I bark at them, which seems to work for they stay in the box even when they are glaring menacingly at me. Obviously not brave enough to challenge Chips the warrior dog.  When I bark at the intruders my own people bark too, I think they are barking at me. I don’t mind though for they are obviously also worried about the intruders because they watch them so carefully.

Another odd thing that my humans do is ask me if I am hungry quite often. I, of course, will always answer yes to such a question with an extra frantic wag of my tail. A tail wag they seem to like very much because they say it again many times. I will stop the wagging one day for they feed me only twice a day even though my tails points out how hungry I actually am!

We go out every single day, my humans and me. Come rain or shine we wander through the woods. Sometimes I have to prompt them off the sofa. When it’s raining it takes longer to get them going. I never give up though. When we are out and about I bark at other peoples and dogs and my humans hold onto me grimly, obviously terrified which of course makes me bark louder. I have to protect them after all, these humans of mine. Plus I like the sound of my bark, its manly and brave I think.

So thank you for reading my blog. I may write you some more, I have after all, not even introduced you to my brothers and sisters. But for now it’s getting close to park time so I must go and stare at my person for fear that she forgets my walk. Have a nice day.

Love from Chips the dog.


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