Does Your Dog Have Frito Feet?

If you woke up one morning and lost your sense of smell, what scent would you miss the most?  I used to work with a guy that actually did lose his sense of smell and he said he missed the smell of gasoline. Gasoline? Really? Now that is interesting.  But for me, I would miss the smell of Frito Feet.

I’m just sitting here on my couch, relaxing after a long day of work and my Sophy is snoozing by my side with her feet in my lap. And darn it, I just cannot help myself.  I have to pick up her paw and sniff it because it smells just like a freshly opened bag of Frito’s corn chips.  I used to think I was crazy but then I found out that there really is something called Frito Feet.  Also, know as Popcorn Paws, Frito Feet is what your pup’s feet smell like when an accumulation of yeast and bacteria builds upon their pads. It is nothing serious and is usually more pronounced when doggie paws meet increased moisture (like the two-three feet of snow in my backyard).  Some people find the smell offensive, but for me, I will cherish that smell until the day I die and consider it the only benefit of all that snow in my yard.

Be well and I wish you Frito Feet!


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