Dog Lovers Unite: Be Proud – Caring For Dogs Makes You Special!

Us dog lovers are a wonderful bunch! Don’t you think so? We have a certain capacity for love which we can extend to canines the world over.

We can take responsibility for a member of a completely different species and make sure all of their needs are met. We feed them, look after their coat; we make sure they have mental stimulation and a warm bed to sleep on whenever they feel like it.

We clean up their mess if they are sick and go without so that they have the correct diet. Veterinary treatment and healthcare is always at the top of our budget when we are planning what to spend on. Constantly on alert for change in mood or condition we watch our canine friends like hawks.

We go without if necessary so that the beast within our midst can have the best of everything and we pick up chewed items, no matter how precious they once were without more than the mildest reprimand, because we know that it’s too late after the chewing offence to tell them off now.

Expensive dog beds and sharing our own sleeping space makes us happy. A trip to the pet shop and squeaky toys often replace a pair of new shoes and a personal treat. We pluck hair out of our drinks and meals without a second thought and sit on the broken spring on the sofa because the dog looks so comfy on the only real usable part of the seat. Yes you guessed it we can’t afford a new sofa because the dogs get all the spare cash.

We feel guilty finishing every last morsel on our own plates because of the wide brown eyes looking so sad and hungry at us. So despite really wanting our food we section off the last mouthful, heart aching and pass it to the dog.

Stories of abuse and neglect cut us to the bone, we shed tears over animals that we have never even met and fall into the category of trying to squeeze another one in or working hard to persuade a practical partner that a little oldie will not take up much space or food, in addition to the four that we already have.

Despite all of the above we wouldn’t change things; we keep caring and carry on giving. Dog lovers share a compassion that seems to be lacking in so many areas of our world today and we should be proud because selfless love is an achievement that is rarer that you think. In my humble opinion the capacity to love a dog is an admirable quality indeed! Keep it up folks!


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