Geocaching Fun with Your Dog; by Sally Gutteridge

Have you ever been Geocaching? You may even be wondering what Geocaching actually is? Well read on because the five minutes you take to read this post may just change your dog walks forever.

So what is Geocaching all about? It’s a free, universal, fun and addictive treasure hunt. Pop along to the website at Join, put in your postcode and look for the map co-ordinates or instructions that lead to a geocache near you, there is probably already a few on your favorite dog walk. You will be surprised.

A Geocache is the treasure on this exciting treasure hunt. It can range from a micro cache, almost smaller than the eye can see, right through to a large ammo box of goodies tucked away in the roots of a tree. The more you participate in the game the more caches you will find. Each clue on the website is given with a GPS reference, but if you know the area the clue is enough.

The rules are; that you sign the log book in the cache, swap something of your own into the cache whist taking a memento away (of equal value) and move on to the next cache. Finally logging your find on the website.

When we started Geocaching we found walks near our long-term home that we never knew existed, we spent ages scaling bridges, staring into trees and even approaching lurking strangers to timidly share the task of cache location. At one point we even tied the dogs to a dark gate and staggered around a semi-quiet village road in the dark, taking turns to push each other onto the air and towards an obscure railway bridge. We were that night like a strange, middle aged Laurel and Hardy and we never did find that cache.

So, believe me when I say, you have a whole secret world going on around you. People stepping into bushes, wandering in circles looking for an invisible treasure or simply scratching their heads in confusion may just be looking for a Geocache.

All you can do is join in, there is even a cache on the International space station. So why not get involved, get excited and get Geocaching with your dog.


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