Help Soothe Bug Bites And Stings On Your Dog

If you are like me, you love your dog, as if it was an intricate part of your family. And when your beautiful dog suffers pain from bug bites and stings you want to relieve that suffering as quickly as possible. However, you also know that a visit to the vet, to help soothe bug bites and stings, can cost you upwards of a $100 or more by the time you pay for the visit and the medicine. Frankly, you don’t have to pay that kind of money to help your dog or any pet that is suffering from bug bites and stings.

The tips you will find below are inexpensive and the chances are you will already have some of the ingredients in your medicine cabinet or in your kitchen. I have used everyone of these over many years too treat my dogs.

This first tip is one you may have never even considered or even thought about it:

Meat Tenderizer. Yep! You heard right. All you have to do is pour the meat tenderizer into the bowl and then add water. Once it has thickened into a paste simply apply it directly to the sting or bite. There is a good chance your dog will experience almost instant relief. The really cool thing is you can reapply it if needed, without worrying about it maybe harming your pet.

Alternatively, try dabbing ammonia directly to the bite or sting with a cotton ball. However, make sure not to apply around the nose and eyes of your ‘Fido’.  Also if your animal has extra sensitive skin it’s a good idea not too use it to smooth bug bites and stings.

Another tip is to apply aloe vera gel that you can get from your local drug store.  Apply the gel directly on the bite.  The results are almost instantaneous.

Now this tip is one that will reduce the swelling and itching right away. But, it may require some patience. If it’s a sting, search the area where your dog is biting and scratching. There is a good chance the stinger may still be embedded in the skin of your precious pet.  Once you find it and remove it then you can apply some aloa vera gel or even bathe it with a cold cloth.

Speaking of a cold cloth this is going to be my last tip to you. Try putting several pieces of ice into a wash cloth and hold directly on the sting or bite. Just like you, your animal will find it will soothe bug bites and stings.

If you’re wondering if these tips are safe for your dog when your trying to relieve the pain and itching, check with your local vet.


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