Hero Hounds: Dogs that have Shown True Heroism

Dogs, they are adaptable, great companions and will be loyal to the death. Anyone with a family canine will agree that the dog is a gift. Some dogs touch our lives in ways that we cannot compare to any other relationship.

Some dogs go above and beyond with loyalty and bravery and are often unsung heroes. Here are some dogs that made a difference on the earth and to others just by doing what dogs do; love, be a  great friend and then love some more.

Hero of the Titanic, Rigel is a survivor of the famous Titanic sinking the Newfoundland dog waited in the freezing cold water near a lifeboat and alerted the Carpathia rescue ship to other survivors in the water, saving many lives. Rigel was adopted by a crew member of the Carpathia due to the death of his owner on the sinking ship. He shortly afterwards retired to Scotland.

Peter, a collie employed in London during the Second World War was awarded the Dickin medal, otherwise known as the Victoria Cross for animals. Peter was a search and rescue dog employed during the latter part of the Second World War. He worked endlessly sometimes for up to 10 hours a day to locate people in the rubble of bombed buildings. Peter was not strictly a hero for humans as he also once led rescue teams to a trapped African Grey Parrot.

A Guide dog in all circumstance Roselle, a Labrador, was in the world trade Centre on September 11th with her owner and blind recipient Michael. Leading her master gently down from the 78th floor Roselle proved her bravery and loyalty despite the building they were in collapsing around them. Roselle passed away aged 13 from illness in June 2011 and has since been featured in a book called Thunder Dog.

Any dog owner will tell you that all dogs are special, amazing even and they enhance our lives every single day. Of course there are many hero hounds but everyone that lives with a dog knows that their particular canine friend is the best dog in the world. Well, they are! Mine especially!


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