How Dog Owners Benefit From Regular Walks

Ask any new dog owner how their recent addition has changed their everyday life and regular exercise will be high on their list of replies.

With the internet, electrical games and a huge amount of television channels at our disposal it can be easy to spend our free time looking at a screen or having great fun with the latest technology, the days can pass with little fresh air in our lungs, particularly if we, as so many of us do, work indoors.

This is where the benefits of dog ownership come in. After all it is remarkably difficult to lock oneself away from the world and lounge on a comfy sofa when a canine friend needs a good run around, and yes, most want their daily jaunt as early in the day as possible.

It is certainly difficult not to comply with the requests for exercise when if you shift position an enthusiastic hairball hops to his paws and either runs for the door or whines pitifully that its “way past walk time”.

Not only does your relationship with your pet improve greatly with shared quality time such as a walk but you benefit personally in so many ways by getting your canine friend out and about. You gain physical stamina, muscle tone, weight maintenance and improve the strength of your body even if you walk only half an hour a day.

Mentally even a steady ramble will improve your quality of life, walking can clear your mind and thought processes help you to relax. Many people including famous writers and creators have their best ideas when out walking. Exercise will release endorphins which make you feel good and being out and about whatever the season will give you a healthy glow of which you can be proud.

The benefits do not stop there either, dog walking is a social activity and, many great friendships and even romances have been forged during endless laps of the park. The amount of social groups that meet regularly just to laugh and catch up together whilst their dogs have a good run around is endless.

So there you are walking the dog does not only benefit the canine at the other end of the leash. By making a habit of it getting off the sofa and lacing your walking shoes can literally change your life, body and social soul.


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