How to Make Healthy Dog Training Treats

If you are like me, you enjoy training your dogs.  Training with your pup will strengthen the bond that forms between you. Whether you are training a new puppy or an old family friend, treats are often used for motivation.  This is especially true if you elect to do clicker training or any type of positive reinforcement training.  But when you look at the training treats available in stores, they are expensive, often unhealthy and in some cases, too big for training purposes.  Well there is good news.  You can easily make your own healthy training treats where you control the ingredients and the size of the treat.

For puppies and dogs that like fruits and vegetables, you can cut up apples, carrots, strawberries and other types of berries.  My dogs even like frozen string beans.  Don’t overdo it though.  Too many fruits and veggies can act as a laxative. So do not feed more than a half-cup to one cup per day.

You can also use tiny pieces of fresh cheese or fresh meats (not processed deli cheeses or meats).  Meats and cheese are a high source of protein but can also be a high source of fat so measure out a portion that is appropriate to your dog’s size and calorie requirements and make sure you do not feed more than what you portioned.

But I like to bake.  It is inexpensive and I generally have all the ingredients on hand without having to go to the store.


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