Incorporate Training into Your Daily Routine

Introducing a new puppy or dog into your home can definitely be an exciting time.  But having a well trained dog does not happen overnight and it does not end after the initial puppy classes.  Many dog guardians will get a puppy or a dog and take it to the obligatory set of training classes then never think to train the dog beyond those classes. But training is forever and can be incorporated into daily life.  Not only does it provide a consistent framework of behavior for your pup but it will also strengthen the bond between you, making for a more rewarding experience.

Here are Five Simple Exercises to Incorporate in Daily Life

First pick a release word that lets your dog know when he is allowed to do what he wants to do.  I use the word okay but whatever word you use or pick is just fine.

  1. Have your dog sit as you place their food bowl down.  Once they are properly sitting, then say okay to cue them to eat their food.
  2. Before playing with your dog, ask them to perform so behavior.  For example, when my dog Chester wiggles over to me with a toy in his mouth, I ask him to sit or down before i take the toy from him to play.
  3. Before going outside, ask your dog to sit or wait while you open the door.  Once they have successfully performed the task, say OK and let them go outside.
  4. Ask your dog to wait before bounding out of the car (this is also a good safety practice).  When yo say okay, your pup will know it is safe to leave the car.
  5. When your dog is out of sight in the house or outside, ask him to come. When they come, reward your dog with a treat or play or just lots of praise.

Having a well-trained dog is an ongoing process.  By incorporating training every day, you will have a happier dog and will strengthen the bond between you and your furry companion.


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