Let Me Hold That for You

Everyone wants to be useful. Even pets, they love to feel as though they are a part of whatever you’re doing. Whether you’re doing the laundry or putting up holiday decorations, you can bet your dog will be right there.

George was, for example, my very own personal assistant. If I was under the sink with the plumbing apart, he’d be under there too, sniffing everything in sight, knocking tools out of reach, and generally being in the way.

And I loved it. No matter what I was doing, he had an interest in it. I swear that if he’d been born human he would have been a handyman. There was something about taking things apart and putting them back together again that fascinated him, and I think that if he’d had opposable thumbs he’d have been better at fixing things than I was.

Sometimes he would even find things that needed fixing before I was even aware of it, like my sink. He kept going to the base and whining, so I went and opened the doors to see what was wrong. When I found the leak, he was happy, tail wagging away and waiting for the toolbox to come out.

The only thing he did not like was the vacuum. I don’t think it was the noise that bothered him, though. I think it was because it never needed fixing, and he had no love for anything he couldn’t help repair.

Or hide pieces of, which was another way he liked to “help”. He would carry off tools to his bed, or parts of the air conditioner, or the legs from the couch. If he wasn’t carrying them away, he was sitting on them, acting innocent and looking around as though he was looking for the part I was missing, even while said part was under him. At least he didn’t eat anything I needed to put an appliance back together again.

When I’d move things like boxes or furniture from one room to another, he was there too, usually pulling in the wrong direction. I could sometimes get him to change sides though, and there were quite a few times I thought I’d never be able to get a mattress moved, or a couch from one end of a room to another if he hadn’t been by my side, pulling for me.

To me, that’s what owning a dog is. It’s always having someone there who’s pulling for you, always ready to help do anything with a smile on his face as long as it means you and he can do it together.

Not many people are lucky enough to find true companionship in life. However, when I found George at the pound, I found the greatest friend I’ve ever had. Always there through thick and thin, and never one to back away from a challenge, George is the very model of man’s best friend.

I know that I’ll never find another friend in life as true as George, even if he did hide my crescent wrench.


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