Like Owner like Dog: The Unnoticed Similarities Between Dog and Owner

Sally Gutteridge is back. Sally is a professional dog trainer with much experience and extensive knowledge in our canine friends. She has valuable experience in positive dog training techniques and had trained dogs for many years, including disabled assistance dogs, military working dogs, veterinary nursing and countless rescue dog rehabilitation.

You know the thing, when a couple has been together for a long time they begin to take on each other’s mannerisms. Finish their partner’s sentences and sometimes even wear the same clothes. We can certainly achieve that same relationship with our dogs; there is no doubt about this.

There is an old saying that owners can look like their dogs. It is true; there is always someone at the park who seems to be straight out of the same gene pool as their loyal canine.

Many dog shows have a fun class entitled dog most like their handler. Some of the entries in this part of the show are absolutely hilarious. I remember encouraging a man with the same long greying locks as his veteran afghan into the class purely on looks alone. They were so alike I could not believe they needed the encouragement to enter. Needless to say they won and went home a very pleased pair of long-haired beauties.

Sometimes owners and dogs seem to morph with little knowledge!

Take a look in the mirror. Does your hair match your dog’s coat? Most hardened dog owners have the same windswept look as their canine purely based on all-weather walking. Some of us have the same colored hair, Lacey my little terrier and I share similar messy blonde locks and I often, with a horrified realization of reality, grow the odd whisker from my chin. Does anyone know why that happens after thirty?

Lacey and myself are quite similar in nature too, particularly in the winter when it takes her just as long to get off the sofa as it takes me to get out of bed. I will just stay here today seems to be the opinion of her, and is certainly my go-to phrase, when it’s raining outside.

So take a good look at your own dog or dogs. Do you share habits? Do you like the same people and steer clear of others by a general unspoken rule? Does he get excited over a certain type of food and if so is that food one of your favorites too? A lot of the communication that goes on between us our dogs and our dogs is taken for granted. Sometimes we don’t even notice it happening until someone, one day at a fun dog show tells us that we ought to give the “dog most like handler” class a try.


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