Nine Words That Changed My Life

August 11, 2003 was the worst day of my life. That was the day I had to put by my best boy, Cooper, to sleep. Cooper was my first dog. I never knew what I was missing in my life until I met him and now a mere 13 years later he was gone. At the same time, my mom was dying of pancreatic cancer. She was my best friend and I could not even tell her that my big beautiful brown dog has passed. She would have been just as devastated as I was because she knew he was my world. I was heart-broken and just beside myself. I swore I would never get another dog because the pain was more than I could bear.

And then she said it. Just an acquaintance at the time, but she said those nine little words that changed my life. She said “when one dog passes your heart just grows larger”. We we having a conversation and I said I did not think I could ever have a dog again. I thought the pain was just unbearable. She agreed but then repeated herself, steadfast in her conviction: “when one dog passes your heart just grows larger”. She was right then and she is just as right today.

Now, eight plus years later, she has an older dog and is facing exactly was I was facing. She thinks this dog, will be her last dog because the pain is just unbearable. To her I say, as she said to me when one dog passes your heart just grows larger”.

Yes I am repeating myself because it is just so darn important. Those nine little words changed my life and I hope that anyone reading this remembers those words when they find themselves in this situation. Someday your dog will pass. It will be painful. It will be unbearable but truly, think of all the joy and blessing they gave you.

If it were not for those nine little words, I would not have know Chester or my Sophy. I might have given up and lived a life of quiet desperation without the unconditional love of more dogs. I cannot imagine my life without my new sweet babies. Yes they are not Cooper but that is what is best about it. They are so different yet so similar because they are mine. So while I regret the passing of Cooper and my good girl Molly, I cannot tel you how much my life has been enriched by Chester and Sophy.

So my dear friends, if you are in that unenviable position of losing a dog or contemplating that loss, remember those nine little words; when one dog passes your heart just grows larger”. The nine little words enriched my life more than I can ever say.

Thank you my friend, you know who you are. You changed my life, and for that I am forever grateful.

Be well and thanks for reading.


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