If you find yourself walking or hiking in the icy winter weather, don’t leave home without some traction for your feet. Following are four different products you may want to consider.  Even if you don’t hike with your dogs, they are good just for walking around town or going to get the mail.

The first two products are from Yaktrax.  I have been using them and giving them away as gifts for years now.  I keep spare pairs in my car in case I walk with someone who needs them or forgot theirs.  When I first got them I laughed and thought these cannot possibly work.  But they really do.  I can’t imagine how I used to get around with out them.  The first product, the Yaktrak Walker is what I use to get the mail and around when walking around the neighborhood.  I put them on a pair of slip-on Keds and leave them at my door so that I can go get the mail without worrying about slipping on the ice.  The second product, the Yaktrak Pro is what I use when I go hiking in the woods or fields.  They have a velcro strap which keeps them in place so I do not lose them in deeper snow.

Yaktrax Walker Traction Cleats for Snow and Ice,Black,Small

Yaktrax Pro Traction Cleats for Snow and Ice,Black,Small

The next product is from HT Enterprises.  They are Sure Grip Safety Treads and have been used by Cathy (the Collar Lady) for as many years as I have been using Yaktraks.  Like me, she carries spares in her car to give away to people. She swears by them and uses them in the neighborhood and hiking.

Sure Grip Safety Treads, M

The final product,  STABILicers is for more serious hikers.  They have a series of metal cleats that really grip.  Some of my friends from the great Northwest use them exclusively.

STABILicers Lite

Keeping your dog warm on a cold winter day can be as easy as a nice coat or sweater. The following recommendations come from a good friend and Raising Healthy Dog member from Idaho where it gets mighty cold!

Suede Shearling Coat – XL Camel


This last product comes recommended from another friend of mine who happens to be a vet tech.  She has two Golden Retriever mixes and uses this product whenever she hikes with them.

Explorer Double Fleece Reflective Dog Coat by Kakadu Pet, Large, 26″, Sun (Yellow)