This is by far, my dog Chester’s favorite toy. The Hide-a-Bee plush puzzle comes with three stuffed squeaker bees that get stuffed inside the hive. Your dogs will have fun figuring out how to pull the bees out. Once out of the hive, my Chester just struts around the house proudly carrying all three bees in his mouth. Replacement bees are also available. I buy the replacement bees and can stuff about 7 of them in the hive for even more fun. One caution though. Some dogs will destroy the hive and the bees in short order. So if you have a dog that destroys his toys, this might not be for you.

Kyjen PP01055 Hide-A-Bee Pet Toy, Large


Bees, being what they are, sometimes seem to fly away.  Therefore you might need some replacement bees after a while.  I buy the replacement bees and scatter them around the house then ask my pups to “find the bees”.  He takes great joy in running up and down stairs looking to find as many bees as he can.

Hide-A-Toy Refills – Bee

If your pups like the bees, they may also like the Hide-a-Birds.  The bees are still my favorite but the birds are lots of fun too.  Sometimes I put a bird in the Bee Hive just to mix things up.

Kyjen Hide-A-Bird Puzzle Plush Intercative Dog Toy, Large

Hide-A-Toy Refills – Bird

If you pup is a fan of squirrels, they may like the Hide-A-Squirrel toy.  I like them all (still love the bees best though).

Kyjen PP01056 Hide-A-Squirrel Pet Toy, Large

And of course, each squirrel toy may at some point need some replacements.

Hide-A-Toy Refills – Squirrel

Now my other dog Sophy is a big fan of the Wubba.  This toy was originally manufactured by a company in Connecticut (where I live) and it seemed like every dog in Connecticut had at least one Wubba.  But when I traveled out of state, no one had even heard of this great toy.  I have bought many Wubbas over the year for my pups and as gifts.  They are great fun.  A few years ago Kong bought the toy so now the Wubbas are made by Kong.  Some of the product reviews are bashing them saying they are not King strong and I guess they are comparing them to the rubber toys Kong is so famous for.  But for the money, they are a great toy.  Every year invariably, a Kong gets tun over by the lawn mower.  When that happens, instead of having one toy you now have three. Because the Wubba is made with two rubber balls, if it gets destroyed, the pups still have the two balls to play with, not to mention the scraps of fabric that are still great for whacking themselves in the head with.  Wubbas come in many sizes and colors.  So click on this link to search for a Wubba your size.

Kong Wubba Dog Toy, Large, Colors May Vary

If your dog likes to fetch, check out the Kong squeaker balls.  It is a hollow tennis ball that squeaks.  But even after the ball stops squeaking, it is still my pups favorite ball toy.  I think because it is hollow, it is just a good chew!  I am not sure why the product has so many bad reviews.  I have been using these for years.  The one caution is that if your pups like them as much as mine do, they will turn their nose up at all other tennis balls unless there is absolutely no alternative.

KONG Air Dog Squeakair Tennis Balls Dog Toy, Medium, Yellow, 3/pack

The Classic Kong toy will give you pup years of fun.  Designed with a heavy duty rubber with a hole at the bottom, this toy is perfect for stuffing with food stuffs to occupy your dog for long periods of time.  Got company coming, no problem.  Stuff a Kong with peanut butter or spray cheese, freeze it and take it out before your guests arrive.  Your dogs will spend hours licking the food out.  TO make  it even more fun, you can alternate layers. I will use some peanut butter, then a layer of dry kibble, Cheese Whiz canned spray cheese, kibble and then repeat with peanut butter.

Kong Classic Kong Dog Toy, Large, Red

This next toy is an interactive one. Nina Ottosson’s Dog Tornado puzzle toy has four layers with rotating discs, with 3 layers that have compartments for hiding dog snacks. Your dog should rotate each layer’s disc to find the hidden dog snacks. I just got one for my dogs and have already decided to get another one (there are about 5 or 6 different types). The pups seem to really like them.

Nina Ottosson’s Puzzle Toys for Dogs – The Tornado

Our next recommendation comes from the Coleman line of Trophy toys. These toy are pretty rugged and have provided hours of fun for my pups. Each toy has five squeakers and are great for chewing, retrieving and playing tug of war.

Coleman Supersized Bear Trophy Dog Toy

For those of you that remember him, Mr. Bill is great fun and hilarious when your pup squeaks him and he says OH NOOOO!  Of course if your dog destroys his toys or have two dogs that want to play tug with a toy, it may not last very long.  I may have bought it more for me.  But the the time we had him, he was a lot of fun.  RIP Mr. Bill.

Multipet Mr Bill Plush Dog Toy

Here is a new toy I found for the pups.  It is a multi-textured,plush toy that squeaks and has held up for a long time so far.  He comes in Periwinkle and Lime Green.

Sherpa Baby Dragons – Periwinkle

It also comes is a mini-version for smaller dogs.

Godog Baby Dragon Mini W/chewguard – Lime Green

For Puppies

The next section of toys are some of our favorites for puppies.

The Nylabone Teething Ring Keys are a perennial favorite. All of my pups have happily chewed on these big keys as they go through that difficult teething period.

Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys 3 ea

This is another favorite for puppies; the AKC Pig Teether Puppy Toy. I initially bought this toy as a gift for a friend, but my Sophy found it before I could give it as a gift.  Sophy is 6 and well past the puppy stage but she loves this toy.  If is small and designed for a puppy but “mouthy” dogs that like to have something in their mouth like this toy too.

AKC Pig Teether Puppy Toy