Raising Healthy, Happy Dogs: Help Your Dog To Enjoy Good Health

OK so this is a shameless plug for my Ebook: Raising Healthy, Happy Dogs: Help Your Dog To Enjoy Good Health And Live A Full Life. It is a beginners guide for raising dogs.  As a dog owner, you want to raise your dog to be in good health and enjoy life to the fullest. To do this, you need to become familiar with the characteristics of a healthy dog. This eBook will provide guidelines to help you assure that your beloved pet has the proper care in order to live a full, healthy, happy life.

Filled with helpful information, this eBook will encourage you to provide the very best care and love for your dog. A gallery of “dog photos” adds delight to the contents of this beautiful eBook.

Proceeds from the sale of this eBook will be donated to the Baker Institute for Animal Health, a part of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University, whose mission is to improve animal health through basic and applied research.

If you have not already downloaded the book, or gifted it to a friend, why not do it now? For each book sold, Amazon credits me with $1.95 royalties, all of it going to Baker Institute. But I will also match that $1.95, and my day job matches my charitable contributions. So each $2.99 book sale generates $7.80 for charity.

You do not even need a Kindle to read it. Amazon has free software you can download to view it on a PC, iPad or other types of devices.


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