Socializing your Puppy – Preparing Him for Life

One of the best things you can do for a new puppy is provide him with as many social opportunities as possible. Even if you have a very quiet lifestyle the act of showing your dog the world in a positive way will help to prevent any fear behaviors developing if his life changes later on.

A puppy will be learning about the world constantly within the first few months of his life. This learning will shape him into the dog that he is going to become so by making his experiences varied and fun you will be doing him a huge favor.

Any dog that isn’t well socialized can develop fear issues towards other dogs, people, children and even cars. These issues take a lot of working through and can even stay with the dog forever. So as a good and responsible puppy owner it’s your job to get socializing.

A dog is generally a social creature with other canines. They gravitate towards each other and a puppy learns much of his canine manners, play and interaction lessons from other older dogs. Therefore it is extremely unfair to keep a puppy away from other dogs and can result in substantial behavior problems including aggression.

Puppy classes are a great idea and many veterinary surgeries run these and puppy playgroups in order to get young dogs social time and play with others of their species. It’s also great for you as an owner to share your worries with others new puppy parents. Otherwise get down to your local dog park and meet as many friendly dogs as possible, as often as you can.

Other experiences that your young dog will benefit from are car travel, meeting people of all ages, time spent with animals other than dogs and, in fact, everything you can think of which will introduce puppy to something new in a positive manner.


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