The Home Alone Dog

In many families, both adults work which often means their dog is left alone for some time. This is a recipe for disaster as their pet is bored, lonely and look for their own entertainment. This entertainment can include digging, barking and escaping.

There are a few options if you find yourself in this situation.

Some people add a second dog to their family to give their dog some companionship. If you decide to try this, make sure you can afford the expense of a second dog. Also, have a backup plan in place should the two dogs not get along. It’s also possible that the second dog doesn’t solve your problem, and you end up with double trouble.

If your family budget allows it, you could book your dog into a doggie daycare facility, where he’ll have attention and company while you’re out. Alternatively, hire a dog walker, or arrange to trade dog-minding services with a friend who also works.

If none of these options will work for you, look into purchasing some interactive dog toys or puzzles. These toys encourage your dog to push buttons or slide levers to get a treat, and will keep them occupied for quite some time.

Part of caring for your dog is looking after his mental health. It does take time and effort and often a few dollars, but the payoff is a happier dog and fewer behavioral problems.


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