The Perfect Christmas Gift for Dogs and their People

As the festive season approaches, thoughts turn to buying gifts for those you love. Of course, your shopping list has to include your canine best friend. Maybe you’ve been to one of those mega-pet stores, where there are so many choices but most of them just don’t seem special enough. A bag of dog treats is not very novel, and your dog already has lots of toys. This is where Gift Baskets Plus can help.

Dog gift baskets can make it easy to find the ideal gift for Venkat. Choose from baskets containing a mixture of treats, toys, grooming supplies, and even a little something special for his owner. Look at the contents of these baskets, and imagine how your dog would feel if he found one of these under the tree on Christmas morning! Following are just a few baskets to choose from.

The Loyal Companion

This delightful basket contains yummy pizza flavored Canine Carryouts that any dog is sure to love. For toys, this basket has a plush squeaky toy and a tennis ball. It rounds off the selection with Pet Head shampoo.  It’s a great combination of treats, toys, and grooming needs all in one!

Fido and Family (OK I would have named it Venkat and family but it is still a good basket)

This basket has treats for everyone. It has Milk Bone dog treats and a pack of dental chew bones for your dog. It also includes a fur remover tool and doggie toothbrush that will keep his coat in good condition and his teeth sparkling. For the rest of the family, there are Brent and Sam’s chocolate chip cookies and onion dill pretzels. Your dog and and his people will all enjoy these treats.

Doggie Care Package

This package has truly gone to the dogs. It’s a great way to show your dog how much you care. It contains a paw prints gift box, a ball, and a chew toy. For grooming it has a dog washing mitt and / or brush along with dog shampoo.  There is also a fun paw print plaster dog print kit included. Rounding out the package is a handsome paw print box filled with beef flavored dog bones.

Spot’s Doggie Gift Basket

This attractive gift set is great for any dog lover. The cute, convenient boxes are stackable and can be used later to store your dog’s toys. One of them even comes filled with beef flavored dog treats! Another box contains a doggie chew ball and two chew toys. For grooming there is dog shampoo, and a wash mitt and/or a brush. Also included is a paw print plaster dog print kit, and a cute plush toy named Patches the Playful Puppy.

Gift baskets are a versatile and attractively presented gift for your much-loved dog. Gift Baskets Plus carries a wide variety of dog gift baskets that will fit any budget. To make your Christmas shopping even more convenient, you’ll also find a range of baskets that will be the perfect gift for your human friends and family members.


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