The Pros and Cons of Dog Filled Days by Sally Gutteridge

Do you ever wonder what life would be like without dog hair in your dinner? Perhaps repainting the front door would be far less necessary without the scratch marks and determined dog prints in the wood?

Holidays would be easier and you could be spontaneous without having to worry whether that romantic hotel allows dogs in the four poster room. But ask yourself really, I mean really, would you like your life so much if it were without a dog?

Pros of pup parenthood include long walks, whether you want to or not, those walks that always make you feel good. The sting of winter reddening your cheeks. The endorphins of exercise raising your mood, without fail – your dog knows this, which is why he fetches his leash when your energy flops most of all.

Then there is that stare, from across the room, the relentless and unflinching look of love. I read somewhere recently that a dog’s gaze is actually a hug, a long slow hug. A dog always gives free hugs.

The smile that crosses your face, whether caused by happiness, amusement, a flabbergasted disbelief or just a resigned sigh prompted by wandering into the latest, hidden pee patch in your socks. A smile is a smile after all. Your dog knows this.

That soft fur which moulds sweetly to a hand. The top of that faithful head that smells only of friend, as you bury your nose in and breathe in deep to save the scent of your pal. For you never really know how long he will be there, though he knows how long, for it is always. He will always be there.

The sound of paws as they follow you around your home, padding and clicking in progress. The insistence that they must, simply must without question, join you in every room. For they can only exist if they are not leaning on you, staring at you, loving you.

So that’s a few of the pros of parenting pups, so I must move on to the cons. Yes with reluctance I must state the negative points of living with dogs. The problems with pooches, the cons of the canine.

Wait whilst I think, just a moment, no it’s no good, I can’t think of one, not one.

Let’s leave it there then, shall we?


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