Tips for Dog Grooming:

Dog Grooming may seem to be a tedious task, but if you have the right knowledge, you will be amazed to see how easy dog grooming is. Benefits of dog grooming:

  • Dog grooming keeps your pet dog’s coat free from fleas, ticks and other microorganisms that cause harm to your dog’s health.
  • Dog grooming involves regular brushing of the dog’s coat. This keeps the coat clean, healthy and shinning.
  • Regular dog grooming helps you notice any abnormalities in your dog and take quick action to cure it.
  • Proper dog grooming improves your dog’s overall health and prepares it to participate in dog shows.
  • The most important benefit of dog grooming is that it improves the bond between you and your dog. The dog would receive your love and respond to you similarly.

You can either consult a professional groomer or consider grooming your dog at home.

Tips for dog grooming at home:

  • Dog grooming should start with finding a right place for grooming. You must find a clean and comfortable workplace. It should have good lighting. While grooming, make sure that you have enough supplies of good quality dog grooming equipment.
  • Trimming the dog’s hair is an important part of dog grooming. While trimming your dog’s hair (coat), make sure that you trim the hair around the dog’s ears, eyes and legs. These areas are often ignored by many dog owners.
  • Bathing your dog regularly is also an important part of grooming. You must bathe your dog at least 2-3 times in a month. Use a good quality dog soap and shampoo for bathing it. While bathing the dog, make sure the soap doesn’t get into dog’s ears and eyes. It would cause a burning sensation in the eyes. If water does get into the dog’s ears, you can clean it with a dog ear cleaner which is readily available in all pet stores. Don’t bathe the dog in a tub if it doesn’t like it. Instead, you can use a hose to bathe your dog.
  • Dog grooming is incomplete without nail trimming. You must trim your dog’s nails once a month. Though many dogs don’t like their nails to be trimmed, it will keep their nails in good condition. Be careful not to hurt your dog while trimming and use a good quality trimmer. Make sure you don’t cut the nails too short since it will cause an infection. It is advisable to cut the nails only up to the point where it starts to curl.
  • You must also take care of your dog’s dental health. Brush your dog teeth once a week with an old brush. Get your dog’s teeth examined from a vet at regular intervals.

The above-mentioned dog grooming tips will keep your dog healthy and happy.


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