Tips for Stress-Free Traveling With Your Dog

Everybody loves a vacation and your dog is no exception.  Whether traveling by car or train, summer or winter, you and your best friend can travel in comfort.  Follow these simple tips and your trip should be stress-free.

Car Manners Matter

Having a dog leaping around the moving car isn’t just annoying, it’s dangerous.  Even as a young puppy, he should be expected to sit quietly in one spot in the car.  Keeping him in a hatchback with a wire barrier is ideal, but if he needs to sit on the bench, dog seatbelts are available to help restrain him.  Taking him for short trips will help him get used to the feeling of movement, so motion sickness will be less likely.

Keep Your Dog Restrained

It doesn’t matter how well behaved you think your dog is, being in a new place can disorient or excite him enough to make him forget his off leash training.  Keeping him on his lead protects him and protects the people around him.  Also, if he needs to be left in the hotel room unsupervised, bringing his crate along will protect him from wandering out of the room when the housekeeper comes to clean.  The hotel staff also appreciate having unfamiliar dogs restrained.  Lastly, despite the best preventative measures, dogs do sometimes escape.  Always make sure that your dog has his license, rabies tag and identification tag at all times.

Follow Your Dog’s Normal Routines

While eating in restaurants and sightseeing until late at night are exciting for humans, dogs find sticking to familiar routines comforting.  In addition to bringing his favorite toys and crate, bringing a supply of his usual food is helpful is making your dog comfortable.  If there is any chance that the new water will cause him intestinal distress, either bring water from home in the car or purchase bottled water when you arrive.

Be Prepared with Full Documentation

If you are traveling abroad, make sure that you have the appropriate paperwork with you.  Bring proof of recent vaccinations.  For countries with quarantine rules, make sure to look up the details ahead of time so that you aren’t faced with having to put your best friend into a kennel alone for weeks on end.  Consult your veterinarian and he will provide you with any information documentation that you may need.

You will find that travel with a dog isn’t nearly as much extra work as you had anticipated.  If you are going on a vacation where your dog can spend time with you as you explore, you and he will both have time that you will treasure always.


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