What Do Our Dogs Really Need? A Review! By Sally Gutteridge

I was recently given an article by Jennifer Arnold regarding the way we treat dogs during training and beyond.

Jennifer states that all we really need to do in order to ensure relationship between our species’ is to offer unconditional love. It’s a fascinating article which talks about achieving and nurturing a bond with our own acts towards the dog in order to achieve the behavior we would like the dog to display. Sophy on the rocks

As an ethical vegan dog writer and animal lover, I have been quietly questioning dog “ownership” for a while now. I’m uncertain how kind it is to assume that we own dogs. Equally, I wonder about the way we expect them to fit into our lives.

Dog training up until very recently has been based upon ‘taming the wolf’. In some cases it still is yet gradually the science of kindness prevails. Currently, dog training is a mix up of varying methods, some positive and some not so good. So where does unconditional love fit in?

It certainly has a place yet I gently challenge the notion that love is all a dog needs. Some need much more, particularly the working breeds. When a dog has many generations of busy ancestors, bred to be filled with energy and to fulfill a role, love on its own is not enough.

The busy minded dog needs to learn, you can call it work if you prefer and he can only benefit from working out how to get that treat or reward. An act that will come alongside the respect of which is spoken in the article.

Jennifer has so much wonderful understanding of dogs that everyone needs to read her words in this work. She advocates love and understanding in place of mindless commands. This is true, yet some dogs need mental stimulation to be truly happy too.

The article was a pleasure to read and one which needs much more coverage. Dogs are after all here with us not for us. Assuming that unconditional love also means unconditional mental stimulation when needed, then I completely agree.


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