Why Bee Pollen Is So Nutritious for Dogs

When looking to provide the best care for our dogs, we often think about ensuring that we have chosen the right vet, offered the right food, and offered enough activity to both physically and mentally keep our pets stimulated and happy.  While these things are certainly crucial, however, they are not always the complete picture.  There are many supplements out there that can help offer increased health benefit to our pets, and knowing what to look for is important.  Today, we will examine why your dog might see health benefits from the regular use of bee pollen.

One benefit of offering your dog bee pollen supplements is that it can help reduce your dog’s sensitivity to airborne allergens.  Providing bee pollen supplements can help to slowly aid your dog’s immune system in building immunity to these allergens, resulting in a significant decrease in allergy symptoms and overall physical reaction to irritants such as ragweed and grass pollen.  If you are using the supplements for this purpose, it is recommended that you start offering them at least six weeks before the main ragweed season begins so that your dog will have time to build immunity.

Of course, this isn’t all that bee pollen can do for your dog.  Many people consider pollen to be nature’s perfect food.  In fact, did you know that not only is bee pollen comprised of 40% protein, but that it also contains virtually every nutrient that humans need to survive?  This is pretty incredible, considering the vast array of foods that we have to eat in order to meet our nutritional needs.  What is even more incredible is that bee pollen also offers an array of healing benefits for humans and dogs alike.

When looking at bee pollen supplements, you might be surprised at how many benefits they can offer.  Bee pollen supplements can help increase your dog’s energy levels considerably, improving vitality and quality of life.  It can also help to lengthen your dog’s life span, stimulating organs and helping to offer rejuvenating effects throughout the body.  Few supplements can offer such a whole body approach, especially when considering supplements that occur naturally.  When combined with other high potency supplements such as Omega 3 fish oils, the benefits can be increased even more.  When you truly want to provide your dog with the best health and care possible, bee pollen should certainly be something you consider.

However, as with all things concerning the health and wellness of your pet, before introducing anything new to their diet,  check with your vet to see if a bee pollen supplement is right for your dog.

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