Why it’s Important to Spay and Neuter Your Dog

Spaying or Neutering is the process of removing the reproductive organs from your dog. In case of males it is called neutering and in females it is called spaying. The details of spaying and neutering are not relevant, but it is an important process to be done for a better life with your dog. It is a routine procedure for most vets and isn’t very dangerous. With proper post-operation care for your dog, you can avoid any infections. In the long run, spaying or neutering can be very helpful for you and your dog. Here are some of the reasons why spaying and neutering is so important:

It’s a well known fact that very few male dogs which have been neutered, suffer from prostate problems or testicular tumors. The chances of such prostate problems as well as hernias increase as a dog becomes older. Neutered dogs don’t contract these problems and may ultimately live a longer life.

There is a specific period of the year when dogs are meant to mate with each other, and during this time they are exceptionally crazy. This is called the “heat”. If your dog is neutered, it is less likely that he would run away from the house looking for females and end up getting hurt, or worse. Even females which are spayed are less likely to have ovarian cancer, mammary tumors and uterine infection. The greatest problem with female dogs, giving birth to unwanted litters, is also eliminated by spaying your dog. Walking with your dog (female dog) during heat would also be less harrowing without a swarm of male dogs following you, if you spay your dog.

If you spay or neuter your dog earlier on, your dog may become more calm.  Another problem you can avoid by neutering your dog is that of “scent marking”.  That is, urinating periodically and randomly to mark its territory. This can be very embarrassing when your dog does it in front of houses or in public. One more reason why spaying your dog is useful is that when female dogs give birth to litters they become very aggressive, even to you and your family. Spaying her would stop her mood swings and make her a better companion for you and your family.

Spaying or neutering your dogs also stops the production of unwanted litters. Dogs reproduce pretty quickly and within six years they have the capacity to produce many litters.  In fact, a female dog can give birth to a litter every six months. Each litter would have six puppies on average and they would be ready to reproduce within another six months. Another fact which cannot be forgotten is that male dogs don’t have life partners and mate with as many females as possible. After seeing all this, it makes even more sense to spay or neuter your dog before their first heat.


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